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Tickets to Chennai

Chennai is the state capital of Tamil Nadu it was standing fourth in the India's Metropolitan hall of fame. One of the busiest cities with many commercial, educational and cultural activity engaged by people every day. Chennai becoming accepted as instructive state with recognized universities and Medical centre with many world class hospitals. It has many tourist attractions in and around the city which make it as a tourist destination of South India. Tourism Chennai made much development at the city which attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year. As a metropolitan city Chennai can be easily reached from any parts of the world. It has many modes of transport facilities.
Chennai, formerly known as Madras is the capital of the great state Tamil Nadu and is one of the four metropolitan cities in India. This 350 year old city grew up under the huge influence of an English settlement of Saint George, despite having a British influence, Chennai has been successful in retaining its traditional Tamil Hindu culture and have been able to provide a unique blend of foreign influence and Indian culture.

The city is well linked by road, rail and air to important cities besides being a sea port. Chennai, is a journey into timeless India, a kaleidoscope of sorts. Rich in the treasures of history, from temples and shrines to forts and palaces, here past is able to live easily with the present.

The top attractions of Chennai are Parthsarthy Temple, Kapaleeshwar Temple, Santhome Cathedral, Fort St. George, National Art Gallery, Snake Park, The Theosophical Society, Kalakshetra and Marina Beach is considered to be one of the largest beaches in India and the world.

Chennai is also host to some cultural theatres that showcase various South Indian and other Indian traditional dances and plays on regular basis. Chennai like its counterpart Mumbai is the centre of the film industry of south India.

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Chennai Airport Information

One of the finest Airports in India, Chennai International is the best Airport for Chennai. Because it's 21 Kilometres southwest of the city centre. And this airport is the go-to for those travelling to Chennai. The airport itself has built strong connections to Airports in the UK making it a good decision for British tourists to go to Chennai. So you don’t even need to book a taxi! The airport has a link with the main railway station in Chennai. Also, the railway is very fast, making the journey short and sweet! Inside it is also very well maintained, it also has many restaurants offering you a wide variety of food and drinks.

Top Tourist place in Chennai

Chennai is the key to those going to South India. And there are lots of places to see in Chennai! Whether it be the crystal sand beaches, the huge museum full of Indian arts, or dozens of other things. The beaches in Chennai like Marina Beach which is a natural beach in Chennai and brings thousands of tourists and thousands of locals too! Don’t worry though, the beach is not crowded. Because it is the longest natural urban beach in the whole country. The Madras Museum is also a staple in Chennai Tourist Attractions. Being the 2nd Oldest Museum in all of India, the Museum is known for housing archaeological fossils, and world-renowned arts and crafts.

Best Time to Visit Chennai

The Best time to go to Chennai varies depending on what you as a traveller are looking for. Chennai’s temperature is hot throughout much of the calendar year. Colder months at the beginning and end of the year such as January and December are usually the best times to go to Chennai. During the peak times, many other tourists will also be heading here. Because of the cooler conditions. To ensure you get your flight to Chennai, we recommend that you book in advance. Or you can choose to come during the less busy months such as October, November, March, and June. For those wishing to immerse themselves into the Chennai Culture, you can visit during the Pongal Festival. This is a Hindu Harvest Festival and is a fantastic way to see the culture of Chennai.