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Coventry Travel Agent, Cheap Flights to all Countries

Oceans Travel is not Only the Top Travel Agents in Coventry’s Reach, But all over the city! We Serve Hillfields, Foleshill, Keresley and Many, Many More as we try to become the Best Coventry Travel Agents As well! We fly with Dozens of Major Airlines and even the Smaller Airlines too and Our Tickets are the Cheapest you will be able to find anywhere in the Midlands, or even the whole United Kingdom! Our Staff are also Trained, Professional, and Well Equipped, in order for you To Get the Fastest and Best Experience.

The Work we have done in Coventry?

We offer Flights from Birmingham Airport to Anyone from Coventry who need that Flight! The Airport is only a 20 Minute Drive away from Coventry so it should not be too difficult to Get There. Also Birmingham Airport is one of the, If not the Best Airports in the Midlands, and even the United Kingdom! Of Course for those Who Don’t want to Fly From Birmingham we can Book them to Fly from Other Major UK Hubs, Such as Heathrow or Manchester Airport. We can fly to wherever you wish to fly, like India, Pakistan, The Usa and even Canada. If you are Looking to Go to India we can take you all over, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, Punjab and plenty more. We fly with Dozens of the Big Airlines that go to India such as British Airways, Qatar, Emirates, Air India, there are even more than this and they can go to Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh.

Where in Coventry do we Work?

As we expand in Order to become not only a Derbyshire Travel Agency, But a Coventry Travel Agent too we need Areas to Expand into. Fortunately we have already expanded into the Main Parts of Coventry and the rest of Warwickshire. In the Future we will try To Expand our Reach Much Farther, so do not worry if your Area is not listed – Hillfields, Foleshill, Keresley, Longford, Cheylesmore, Radford and Earlsdon.

Our Main Office

Looking to Meet us In Person? No Worries, we have an Office Located right in the Heart of Derby. So we Should not be Hard to Find, we can Book Tickets with you In Person if thats what you want to do or We can Discuss Something as well. However We can Also Do this Online, we can Book you E-Tickets which will be Emailed directly to the Email you Provided us with, also our Telephone Lines are Available from 9 til 6 from Monday through Friday And on Saturday we will be Available from 9 til 5 and we are Closed for Sunday. But if your Not Available During these times again, we have got you Covered. Drop us an Email at info@oceanstravel.co.uk or sales@oceanstravel.co.uk as our Email Services are Available 24 Hours a Day, And 7 Days a week.

Why book with us and not the Others?

What differs us From Everyone Else you may be Wondering? Well, Contrary to What you may believe there are Actually a few Significant Reasons. The Most Significant of Which is the Pricing of Fares. Our Tickets are Far Far Less that what you would expect to be offered by the Average Travel Agent, almost 50% Cheaper as a matter of fact, Do not Believe Us? Well Check Other Coventry Travel Agents you may have Thought booking with and then compare their prices to Ours, you’ll most Likely see what i mean. Another Argument is that our Staff are More Skilled and Diverse. Most of Our Staff have Prior Years of Working Experience in Customer Services which means they have plenty Experience working with Customers. Also Our Staff can Speak as well as Understand Different Languages which aren’t just English, such as Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu. Oceans Travel is also ATOL protected. ATOL is the United Kingdoms Civil Aviation Authority. ATOL Protection Provides an Extra Layer of Protection to you on your Travels. So If Anything Financially does happen you will receive Compensation.

  • We have the best prices for all airlines
  • Extended After sales support service for existing customers
  • Excellent advice and highly knowledgeable staff
  • We can arrange for Special assistance