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Price Beat Guarantee

We guarantee to beat any airfare you have been offered!

Our Price Beat Guarantee applies to standard economy class scheduled airfares offered by high street travel agents. Terms and conditions apply, please see below:

1. You find an Economy class scheduled carriers*** airfare that is available to the UK general public* from another high street travel agent** to any destination.

2. Before booking the airfare you obtain a printed confirmation of the competitor travel agent's airfare quote on headed paper, with airfare price, booking conditions, travel dates, number of passengers, airline and date of quote clearly shown. The guarantee is against the competitors initial quote only. We will not enter into an ongoing negotiation on price after the first quote is bettered.

3. Visit our shop or call the Oceans Travel on the same day you received the quote. Email requests cannot be accepted unless following a phone or shop visit enquiry.

4. Show Oceans Travel staff the printed confirmation of the airfare quotes. For telephone enquiries you can fax or email the quote to your travel consultant following your phone call.

5. Oceans Travel staff will check the quote for availability and booking conditions that same day we recieve it.

6. Where we believe there to be an incorrect fare displayed by a competitor or the fare displayed is no longer available to book we have a 24 hour period to investigate the pricing. If at this point we prove the fare to be incorrect/unavailable the price beat guarantee will apply to the new fare.

7. If Oceans Travel is able to confirm that airfare is still available to be booked as per the itinerary quoted, we will not only match the airfare but BEAT IT!

8. The price match will only be calculated after the application of any Oceans Travel discounts, offers or vouchers in place at the time (for example, if there was a money off offer this would be applied and the resulting fare would be used to calculate the price match).

9. Price guarantee can only be applied to airlines Oceans Travel can sell.

Fares available to the General public are deemed as fares available to an audience not registered to a competitor subscription or membership. Oceans Travel will not be able to beat airfares offered to closed subscriber or membership groups. All fares must be in UK GBP sterling pounds and purchased from a company trading in the UK.

Excludes fares offered directly by an airline. Applies to scheduled airlines only (not Charters or Low Cost Airlines) and for travel originating in the UK.

Stay Safe with ATOL protection

Book early to ensure secure, easy airport parking when flying from Gatwick, Manchester Airport, Birmingham Airport, and London Airports to various destinations, ranging all over the world. Whatever you need, Oceans Travel will always have the best solution.
ATOL Protection – Because Peace Of Mind Is All Part Of The Deal! With Oceans Travel, you can book with complete confidence. Not only that we will find just the right holiday for you, but your money is safe, too. All our flight-inclusive package holidays are ATOL-protected.
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